We’re excited to bring the third exclusive private sale to our Smokers Club community. This time, it’s MEME season 😎

With the meteoric rise of MEME coins, lead by the champion of all MEME coins — Dogecoin — we can’t ignore the power of the MEME pump any longer. It's time for the Smokers Club to get in on the action … and get in on possibly the next big MEME coin— Elons Moon Launcher 🚀($ELCZ).

To join the Smokers Club you must hold either 1 GANJA or 500 BLAZE.

Smokers Club members get:

Let’s BLAZE!

Ok, ok so at this point you know we love memes. It’s obvious. We’ve done 4 rounds of meme competitions and each time they get better than better.

We’re giving the 5 top BLAZE memes each $50 in BLAZE tokens

$BLAZE price chart📈: https://cutt.ly/BcOHeX0

Here’s how to win some $BLAZE:

  1. Create a dank meme about trees.finance $BLAZE
  2. Post your meme on Twitter and tag at least 1 friend and @treesfinance and include the cashtag $GANJA $BLAZE
  3. Post your meme in the trees.finance Telegram group…

Since we introduced the trees.finance Smokers Club, our private access governance group for holders of GANJA & BLAZE, we’ve grown a lot having introduced the GANJA NFT Farm, and successfully launched the BLAZE IDO on BSCstarter.

We’re incredibly proud to bring the trees.finance Smokers Club the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of one of the most promising tokens on Binance Smart Chain! — Triforce Protocol’s farming token PYUKUMUKU ($pYUK) 🚀

To join the Smokers Club you must hold either 1 GANJA or 500 BLAZE.

Smokers Club members get:

- To vote…

Super Smashed NFT Collection pt.1

We’re proud to introduce a limited NFT collaboration between trees.finance and Triforce Protocol celebrating the ever-perfect mix of old-school gaming and cannabis.

Remember clicking on your N64 to hear the sweet sound of the Nintendo jingle ... The only thing that could ever make that experience better is a nice spliff in hand.

Well, you know the team at trees.finance and Triforce Protocol are stoners and gamers … we’ve always imagined a world where our favorite Nintendo characters enjoy the sweet leaf as much as we do….

Introducing the Super Smash Collection

The Super Smashed…

Let’s Smoke & Shill 😎

trees.finance is the first 100% community-driven token ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain and since our launch on March 7th we’ve hit some pretty amazing milestones:

- Raised 268 BNB in our $GANJA token sale
- Built a the trees.finance community to 3.4K …

Burn GANJA & BLAZE up to 4 times a day

With the successful launch of BLAZE, our first ecosystem token designed to reward holders while supporting the trees.finance community and GANJA, we’re excited to introduce our favorite feature in the trees.finance token ecosystem — the Smoke Up.

What’s a Smoke Up?

Aside from passive yield rewards and automated liquidity generation, the BLAZE protocol provides an added incentives to both BLAZE and GANJA holders through the “Smoke Up” function.

Every 6 hours holders of 500 $BLAZE can call for a Smoke Up where:

  • 4.20% of the liquidity inside the BLAZE contract is broken down into $BNB and BLAZE
  • The $BNB is then used to market-buy…

trees.finance is proud to announce the $BLAZE token contract has completed a smart contract audit conducted by Quillhash which found the contract to have 0 high or medium severity issues — 100% SAFU 🔒

Audit Details

During the period of March 28th to April 2nd, 2021 the Quillhash eam performed a security audit for trees.finance BLAZE smart contracts.

High severity issues

No Issues found.

Medium severity issues

No Issues found.

Low severity issues

8 Issues found — Issues on this level are minor details and warnings that can remain unfixed but would be better fixed…

A special reward for GANJA holders

Our vision at trees.finance is to build an ecosystem of value ultimately supporting our community and the NFT space on the Binance Smart Chain. Since we announced $BLAZE, the community has been wondering how the much anticipated BLAZE airdrop will go down. Well, we got you, you’ll find all the info you need in this post.

What is BLAZE?

BLAZE is a passive yield generation protocol built to rewards holders while supporting the trees.finance & GANJA ecosystem. Each transaction incurs a 4.20% fee which is used in two ways:

1.Passive Yield-Generation

2.2% is re-distributed to existing BLAZE holders instantly and automatically at the…

Let’s light it up!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The BLAZE private sale to the trees.finance Smokers Club sold out in a flash. Now, here’s your chance to get your hands on BLAZE 🔥

⏰ Countdown timer: https://countingdownto.com/countdown-pages/EdjaQSkM

What is BCSstarter?

BSCstarter is a community-governed launchpad for the Binance Smart Chain. The BSCstarter platform is built for investors from all walks of life. It aims to democratize early-stage crypto investing by helping promising BSC projects launch to a wider audience while providing a trusted platform for investors.

BLAZE x BSCStarter Pool


This time you can $BLAZE

Man, we just can’t enough of the GANJA and trees.finance memes. Really. Our community is the best and in round 3 of the meme competition, we saw over 40+ memes submitted. Check out some of the submission below:


$GANJA || The first 100% community-driven deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain

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