🌴 A message from Tommy Chong, the original stoner

Our main man, Chong, heard that we ❤️ $GANJA as much as he does …

well maybe not as much as him. But, we sure do love it.

In true stoner fashion let’s have some fun with Tommy

We’re giving 1 GANJA to the top 5 video remixes of Chong’s trees.finance shout-out✌🏽

Here’s how to win some $GANJA

  1. Make a remix video of the Chong shoutout on any platform you’d like
  2. Post your video on Tik Tok and tag @treesfinance and include the #420 #stoner #crypto #binance
  3. Download your video from Tik Tok and post it in the trees.finance telegram group: t.me/treesfinace

Submission close at 4:00 PM UTC on Saturday, March 27th


The remix videos will be judged based on two factors:

  1. Community engagement — the number of likes and comments you get on Tik Tok
  2. Creativity — the design, humor, and uniqueness of the remix video.

Video editing tools

Below you will find links to video edits where you mess around and remix the video




Raw video for editing

Website: trees.finance

Farm: https://trees.finance/farm

Contract: 0x447c324f7eb99e512ff18308203b36d3c2607e0e

Telegram Discussion: t.me/treesfinace

Announcements: t.me/treesfinance_ann

Twitter: twitter.com/treesfinance

Rarible (ETH): https://rarible.com/treesfinance

JustuSwap (BSC): http://jutsuswap.com/#/ganja-nfts

Medium: medium.com/@treesfinance

Github: github.com/treesfinance

disclaimer: trees.finance is an experimental project in decentralized finance and as with any other investment there is risk involve




$GANJA || The first 100% community-driven deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain

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$GANJA || The first 100% community-driven deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain

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