$BLAZE Airdrop: Date, Time, Details

A special reward for GANJA holders

Our vision at trees.finance is to build an ecosystem of value ultimately supporting our community and the NFT space on the Binance Smart Chain. Since we announced $BLAZE, the community has been wondering how the much anticipated BLAZE airdrop will go down. Well, we got you, you’ll find all the info you need in this post.

What is BLAZE?

BLAZE is a passive yield generation protocol built to rewards holders while supporting the trees.finance & GANJA ecosystem. Each transaction incurs a 4.20% fee which is used in two ways:

1.Passive Yield-Generation

2.2% is re-distributed to existing BLAZE holders instantly and automatically at the time of each transaction.

The percentage of BLAZE earned is calculated by the percentage of BLAZE owned among all holders. The more BLAZE a holder owns, the passive yield they will generate. There is no need for staking in a vault or pool which eliminates the downside risk of staking tokens or impermanent loss.

2.Auto liquidity Generation

2% of each transaction is accumulated and every time 5000 BLAZE is collected, half is market-sold for BNB and used to create a Pancakeswap LP token

Over time, the liquidity stored inside the contract grows larger, which creates a rising price-floor for BLAZE and more stable buy/sell market dynamics.

Strong Ecosystem Impact

BLAZE is designed to provide immediate value to token holders through passive yield generation and stable market dynamics with deep liquidity through automated liquidity generation.

Additionally, the BLAZE protocol provides added incentives to both BLAZE and GANJA holders through the “Smoke Up” function.

Once a day holders of 500 $BLAZE can call for a “Smoke Up” where:

  • 4.20% of the liquidity inside the contract is broken down into $BNB and BLAZE
  • The $BNB is then used to market-buy GANJA
  • 100% of the GANJA and 95% of the BLAZE is burned
  • The remaining 5% of BLAZE is sent to the caller as a reward

The “Smoke Up” function provides support for GANJA/BNB pair while delivering immediate rewards to the smoke-up caller and reducing both token’s total supply in the process.

BLAZE Airdrop

As an initial incentive for GANJA holders to participate in the BLAZE market, 4% of the total BLAZE supply will be airdropped to all GANJA holders at launch.

The amount of BLAZE each GANJA holder receives will be proportionate to their holdings of GANJA at the time of the BLAZE IDO. Here’s what you need to know:


  • GANJA holder will receive approx ~16 BLAZE per GANJA
  • The airdrop snapshot will be taken at 2 PM UTC on Saturday, April 3rd
  • The BLAZE airdrop will occur within 1 hour after the BLAZE IDO on BSCstarter at concludes on Saturday, April 3rd.
  • If you’re staking on the $GANJA Farm you DO NOT need to unstake in order to receive the BLAZE airdrop. We’ll calculate your staking amount and credit BLAZE to your staking wallet in proportion to the GANJA you have staked at the time of the BLAZE IDO.

🌴 Buy GANJA on PancakeSwap: https://cutt.ly/UzAIULl 🌴


Q: I have $GANJA staked in the GANJA Farm, do I need to unstake before the airdrop?

You can continue staking your $GANJA tokens on the farm. We’ll take a snapshot of the staked amounts in the farm, and wallet holdings before the BLAZE IDO on April, 3rd 2021, and we’ll calculate the total holding of a wallet.

Q: How will the BLAZE airdrop be allocated?

The amount of BLAZE airdropped to GANJA holders will be proportional to the amount of GANJA held at the time of the BLAZE IDO (2PM UTC, April 3rd). GANJA holders will receive approx 16 BLAZE per 1 GANJA.

Q: What addresses are eligible for the BLAZE airdrop?

If you hold GANJA, you’ll get BLAZE.

We’re excluding burned tokens, team, reserve, PanckaseSwap LP, community funds, and marketing… which means 75% of the total GANJA token supply will not receive the BLAZE airdrop, and you get more BLAZE per GANJA (approx 16 BLAZE per 1 GANJA)

Website: trees.finance

Farm: https://trees.finance/farm

GANJA Contract: 0x447c324f7eb99e512ff18308203b36d3c2607e0e

BLAZE Contract: 0xD581A700d6dF06Bc7f755816f9d9317d14a13f7c

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disclaimer: trees.finance is an experimental project in decentralized finance and as with any other investment there is risk involve