Bring on the Memes: Round 3

Ready for another round? We know we are...

The GANJA community and memes are a match made in heaven… in round 2 of the meme competition, we saw over 35+ memes submitted. They were so good that we added a runner-up prize category and gave out even more GANJA … check out some of the submission below:

Round 3 is on …

We’re giving the 5 top or $GANJA memes each 1 $GANJA

$GANJA price chart📈:

Here’s how to win some $GANJA:

  1. Create a dank meme about or $GANJA
  2. Post your meme on Twitter and tag at least 1 friend and @treesfinance and include the cashtag $GANJA
  3. Post your meme in the Telegram group:

Submission close at 4:00 PM UTC on Wednesday, March 24th


The meme will be judged based on two factors:

  1. Community engagement — the number of retweets, likes, and general reactions the meme receives.
  2. Creativity — the design, humor, and uniqueness of the meme.

Meme Generators

For the new Below you will find links to meme generators where you only have to select an image and enter your text. (custom memes)


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disclaimer: is an experimental project in decentralized finance and as with any other investment there is risk involve



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