is a community-driven project inspired by Civitas Protocol and governed by GANJA, a BEP-20 token, that when transacted rolls up 4.20% of each transaction into a community wallet. Each week, token holders get to vote on how to allocate the GANJA collected in the community fund. The community can choose to:

  1. Light it up (burn supply)
  2. Take a hit (reward community members)
  3. Pass it (for marketing)

GANJA is 100% community-driven, a token for the people

The benefit to holders of GANJA is that the 4.20% deflation mechanic creates buy and hold pressure as holders experience an automatic yield on the value per token just for holding.

The absorbed 4.20% of tokens will automatically be pulled into a fully transparent governance wallet that will be used to provide a number of use cases.

Tokens rolled up in the community fund will be allocated based on community voting. Voting on the use of community funds will be reserved for members of the Smokers Club. To join the Smoker Club members must hold a minimum of 1 GANJA.

This mechanism aims to reward and empower GANJA token holders to decide the direction of by incentivising the community to buy and hold their tokens.

Based on re-introduction use-cases outlined below, the minimum burn and maximum re-introduction limits will result in a minimum of 2.1% deflation as at least 50% of tokens absorbed by the community wallet will be permanently burned each week (Never re-introduced into circulating supply and burned through the contract).

A maximum ‘re-introduction’ rule will be in place for the community wallet to ensure a permanent deflation of at least 2.1% to the liquidity pool. Only 50% of the balance of the absorbed tokens (or 2.1% in relation to the amount absorbed from liquidity) can ever be put towards use cases where the token could be re-introduced into liquidity pools, such as marketing or giveaways.

The reason for this is so that if for example or community members are rewarded with a giveaway, should these holders wish to sell their tokens back into the liquidity pool, the impact on the total deflation cannot exceed 2.1% ensuring a minimum deflation of 2.1% as a result of each community vote.

Use cases will be determined by the community and will go towards community-driven incentives that can be voted on and scheduled to take place, which may include at least the following initially:

Any other use cases introduced will be decided and voted on by the community.

Initial liquidity will be provided through an incentivized presale. Contributors will receive a 20% discount on the value of their tokens (or ‘1.2x’ the amount of tokens they would otherwise have received at list-price).

70% of liquidity raised will be used to create the PancakeSwap liquidity pool, and liquidity will be locked for 3 months initially and re-locked thereafter for up to 3–6 months at a time.

The additional 30% will be used to offset start-up fees including contract deployment/liquidity locks, marketing costs for the initial launch, independent smart contract auditor fees, and any contingencies needed to further the project.

5000 Initial Fixed Supply

$GANJA || The first 100% community-driven deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain