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An ecosystem of value (and NFTs, a lot of NFTs)

Our team has been burning the midnight oil to bring the best and the fastest moving project on the BSC to our community. In just 3.5 weeks we’ve been able to accomplish all the major milestones we set in our 3-month roadmap.

Look at what we’ve been able to deliver so far with the support of our community:

The first NFT airdrop on ETH & BSC to early supporters
✅ Deployed $GANJA contract on BSC mainnet
✅ Conducted $GANJA token sale
✅ Launch the Smokers Club
AUDIT by Quillhash — 100% SAFU 🔐 🔐
✅ Listed on Coingecko (CoinMarketCap pending) 🦎 🦎
✅ Upgraded website (v2)
✅ Released first NFT collection
✅ Announced multiple partnerships (2) with JutsuSwap and Orchid Creatives
✅ Launched staking & farm via the $GANJA Farm with over 200 GANJA staked
✅ Conducted 2 governance events where over $360,000 in GANJA tokens were burned

We’ve also conducted a number of AMAs, including one on BSC Talks, and we’ve even had Tommy Chong, the OG stoner himself, endorse!

We feel we’ve set a strong foundation to grow to even greater heights, and plan to accelerate towards our ultimate vision for the project and its community.

The Vision

Our vision is to develop an ecosystem of value ultimately supporting our community and the NFT space on the Binance Smart Chain.

This vision manifests itself in two ways:

1. Innovating the NFT Space

We want to be creating an NFT marketplace that connects great artists to great blockchain projects. This marketplace will allow both to list and sell works to fans across the world — whether digital or physical art.
Think Nifty Gateway meets Shopify and Upwork…

We partnered with Orchid Creation, a leading digital creative agency to help push this vision forward and have launched our $GANJA Farm as an early iteration of our product vision.

Orchid Creation, produces world-class work for companies like Google, Youtube, Coca Cola, and Ubisoft and has it’s its full weight behind our vision to innovate in the NFT place. Check out the $GANJA farm to get a taste of the kind of work being produced today.

Over 200 GANJA is already staked on the farm and the incredibly positive feedback we got from our community goes to reinforce our direction and vision for the NFT space. There’s much more to come here…

2. Creating Ecosystem Value

To deliver continued value to our community, we have always envisioned an ecosystem of tokens that complement and support one another with GANJA at the center.

Each token offering a unique value proposition that appeals to different investors and opens more gateways to the ecosystem. Moving forward with our token ecosystem vision will accelerate our path towards developing our larger vision for an NFT marketplace.

The Next 3 Months

So, here is what the next 3 months look like for, and our community:

March — BLAZE & The GANJA Shop

  • Introduce first ecosystem token, BLAZE, focused on delivering value to holders and the /GANJA ecosystem
  • Conduct BLAZE audit
  • Successfully launch BLAZE + airdrop to GANJA holders
  • Begin development of proprietary NFT marketplace
  • Complete 3rd GANJA token burn and community vote
  • Launch GANJA Shop (merchandise)

April — Growth & Marketplace Beta Launch

  • Website upgrade (v3)
  • Partnership Announcement (3) targeting art galleries/niche art communities
  • Increase awareness via press releases and articles on major crypto outlets
  • Create 2nd Liquidity Pool for GANJA (based on community Vote)
  • Launch beta NFT marketplace — early access to Smokers Club

May — NFTs, more NFTs & a DeFi accelerator

  • Acquire first 15 artists to our NFT marketplace
  • Acquire first 5 projects listing NFT creative needs
  • Partnership announcement (4)
  • Accepted into DeFi accelerator

For our stoner friends who really just want to see a visual … here’s our roadmap for you :)



Contract: 0x447c324f7eb99e512ff18308203b36d3c2607e0e

Telegram Discussion:



Rarible (ETH):

JustuSwap (BSC):



disclaimer: is an experimental project in decentralized finance and as with any other investment there is risk involve




$GANJA || The first 100% community-driven deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain

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$GANJA || The first 100% community-driven deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain

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